Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pink and Gold

"August rain: the best of 
the summer gone, and the 
new fall not yet born. The 
odd uneven time."
            ~Sylvia Plath
   These last few days of August have tiptoed up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder unexpectedly. Next week will be September and I can see the wave of Autumn and Winter cresting above me. I am trying not to feel sad that the Summer is leaving. It was so beautiful and I have made many wonderful memories with friends and family this year. I know the excitement of a new season will find its way to me soon and I am trying to enjoy these last few days when I can still say we are in a summer month!
   Today I took a few pictures of some treasures around the house. I had a little accident recently. My most favourite lamp with the fancy lace shade toppled over for some inexplicable reason in the middle of the night and the base broke. I was very sad and I had to re-build it using other parts. The finished product is a little different than it was and I may still change it again. :) Anyway, here are a few photos of some pretty pink and gold things. 

You can find this ormolu mirrored dresser tray in my Etsy Shop now!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Emma's Whimsy

"If I had a world of my own,
everything would be nonsense."
              ~Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland

   I have said before that my sister and I are very different - some would say opposites! The truth is we are both very feminine and artistic just in different ways. When my sister had her baby a year and a half ago suddenly her style exploded into a myriad of bright colours, whimsical treasures, fairytale books, and crinoline skirts. I gathered a few of her things together (and baby's too!) and made some little vignettes I thought I would share with you. This is just a tiny glimpse into my sister's colourful, magical world. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Pretty Projects

"To see the Summer Sky
Is Poetry, though never in a book it lie--
True poems flee--"
          ~Emily Dickinson

    I have been busy the last few days doing summer things. A day trip to the lake, picnics in the park, BBQs, and get togethers. August disappears so fast unless you fill it to the brim! I have a couple of projects that I recently finished that I thought I would share today. I love vintage candelabras with their drippy crystals and curvy arms. I think they are the height of romance and glamour. They are harder to find these days! I came across a small one a week ago and decided to transform it. It was small and gold so I pulled it apart and replaced some of the pieces with others that my Mum and I have collected (we both always have little spare pieces, crystals, and bits lying around). With some paint and a prodigious amount of crystals it hardly looks like the same candelabra! I am very happy with it. 
   I made my sister a Fairy Ball Gown for her birthday and she bought the prettiest little shadow box for it. I added a few little flowers to decorate the edges and have photographed the finished result. I love the little dress in the 'frame'. I may have to do something like this for myself!
   My last project is a little vintage wall hook that I found at a recent sale. I have been looking for one for awhile. I added some touches of gold and filled it with some creations of mine, vintage pearls, and lace. I had one of these once before (which I'm sure you've seen here or on pinterest - search Jennelise Wall Hook and you'll find it :) but for some reason I parted with it. I am happy to have another! I hope you enjoy my little 'projects' and are having a wonderful August!