Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

"Valentine's day is the poet's holiday."
               ~Ted Kooser

   Happy Valentine's day everyone! My three year old niece gave me a kitten valentine this morning with her tiny scribbles and a translation from her Mummy letting me know that the message said how much she loves my cuddles and snuggles. :) How can you not love Valentine's day? For one it is a holiday that seems to celebrate my favourite colour: PINK. The chocolate comes in pretty heart shaped boxes and everywhere there are roses. Definitely my kind of day! May yours be filled with love, hearts, and smiles! 

Monday, January 30, 2017

January Birthday

"The more you praise and
celebrate your life, the more
there is in life to celebrate."
             ~Oprah Winfrey

    I have been right down in bed sick with a very bad cold for the past week. Not fun! It is my Mum's birthday today though and sick or not we are celebrating! I took a few quick pictures of the presents I wrapped for her in spring pastels as well as my hasty decorations. My sister had the most beautiful little book made for her with all of the photos from last year and I know she will love it! I made her one of my ribbon flower necklaces in pink. I hope you are all well and happy! 


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A French Room

"Simplicity is the key note
of all true elegance."
              ~Coco Chanel

   I had the great pleasure of visiting the beautiful home of my friend Pamela this week and she was kind enough to let me take a few photos of my favourite room in her house. She called it her "French Room" and I simply loved it! A soft colour palette with a muted paint scheme and gorgeous fabric textures made this room so peaceful and elegant. The stunning headboard was repurposed from an ornate gilt mirror! If you look very carefully you will see my signature "J" for Jennelise tucked into her pinboard. We are working together on an exciting project which I'm sure I will be sharing with you soon! In the meantime enjoy this little taste of la vie Parisienne...

Friday, January 20, 2017

Comely Cream

"Come, ye cold winds, at January's call,
On whistling wings, and with white flakes bestrew
The earth." 
          ~John Ruskin

   January is a quiet month as our thoughts linger over the completed year and dream about the next. It always takes me a little while to get back into the rhythm of the everyday. My mood tends towards quiet evenings, soft colours and good books and I want to wrap myself in a cozy blanket and hide away from Winter. 
  White is the colour of the winter months and one which I have never really gravitated towards. I like a little more warmth and so my choice is always a beautiful cream or ivory. My house is a plethora of comely creams mixed together peacefully. You will find it in the finish of a French table, the drape of antique lace, the petal of a velvet flower, or the waiting seat of a parlour chair. It mirrors the cream in my teacup more than the frost on the windowpanes and feels so much more like home.